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Registration will start on 26th of May.

The European Stroke Course in Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy (EXMINT) is a theoretical Stroke Course.

EXMINT is a condensed, theoretical training and costitutes one of the first learning components for neurointerventional ischemic stroke treatment. The Course is endorsed by ESMINT and ESO. 

The registration fee for online EXMINT 5.1 course is 330€.
The registration fee for on-site EXMINT 5.2 course is 810€.
The cancellation policy is as follows: 50% refund until 4 weeks before the course, afterwards no refund.


The registration for EXMINT 5.1 will close on 24 October 2022, 23.59 CET


To attend EXMINT 5.2, the student need to successfully attend the first EXMINT course

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